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Rosemary's Rambles

30 March
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I live in the hills and woodlands of western Massachusetts. I feel most alive when I am surrounded by the beauty and power of the natural world; deep forests, cool woodland streams, and the soothing lull of the oceanic tides. I am an empathic soul with a poetic spirit that sometimes wanes a bit melancholy. I am aware and mindful of a deeper pattern that weaves together those of us of like mind and spirit. I look for the magic and deeper mystery in people and places, and I've traveled throughout the world in search of both sacred sites and deep connections with others.
I am committed to nature based spirituality and I honor the Goddess in her many guises and phases of the moon. I enjoy traveling back in time both through my imagination and through period films and novels. The eras most close to my heart, or most likely where I have the most past life karma to clear up, are the Victorian and Medieval time periods. I can get lost in the art, books, and costumes of these times for countless hours if left to my own devices.
In this current world, however, I have a graduate degree in counseling psychology and work full time as a counselor and clinician. I truly enjoy helping others with their inner process, healing and uncovering their dreams and visions in a safe and nurturing setting . I respect and value in others a sense of integrity and honesty and the passion to follow and manifest their dreams and heart's desire.
This is mostly a "Friend's Only" journal, but if you are of like mind and spirit then I will most likely add you.
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