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Prince of Parties

I love these guys! This is hysterical and I need a good laugh!

What Goddess is in Your Future?

Your result for Goddess Future Test...

Your Goddess is Venus

Your prediction for the future is from Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love.

Venus knows that what you most seek and treasure in life is love. You have the possibility of pleasure before you. If you are not yet married or involved, you will find that it may be a good time to take advantage of several encounters before you find true love. To bring love to you, you must think with affectionate thoughts.

Keep a cool head and heart and do not allow anger or despair to overcome you. Feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings. This will help to instill feelings of love and help attract it to you.

Visualize what it is that you are desiring in your heart. You can achieve your goals in this manner, by believing in your heart that it will come to you and using your spiritual energies to make it happen.


Open yourself up to creative endeavors.

Be adaptable to your surroundings and learn to streamline your life.

Have faith and realize that you have the strength and ability to obtain your dreams.


Your senses will be coming alive and you will have an evolution of your spirit. One or more of your senses (prophetic dreams, clairaudience, or visions) will be awakened. You will have great connection with the spiritual realm.

Take Goddess Future Test
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Okay..I now know he really is the hippest president ever! Not only does he give the most heartful speeches since MLK, but his taste in music is impressive too! I think this is going to be a really interesting next 4 years!!



Nick Drake

I think this is one of my all time favorite songs!

Wintery Whites

I thought it was just a white wash here in new england with all the snowstorms we have been having these past few weeks, but apparently this has been the theme for the season. I was going through my pics from last week's visit to NYC and wanted to post a few more of the elaborate BG displays because they just had so much exquisite detail and were such great depictions of whimsical wintery worlds.

Happy Holidays

vintage Christmas Cards,Christmas

Wishing you a magical holiday filled with warmth and joy!

Realm of the Ice Queen

Here are some pics of my front and back yard from last week's ice storm. We are getting another foot of ice and snow today so I'm just planning on staying close to the hearth fire and trying not to think about driving through this mess tomorrow! At least we still have electricity this week-end (keeping my fingers crossed) Brrrrr!

One of my favorite Birch trees in the front yard hanging heavy with ice

The crystal forest (in my backyard)

Ice plants

Broken branches from the weight of the ice

Grandmother Pine is the guardian of my home

Crystalized branches

Welcome Yule

Blessed Yule Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm posting my solstice/yule blessings a bit early this year because we are expected to have a ton of snow tomorrow and I may not be able to get back to work to use the computer here until next week. My computer at the house has not been working very well since our 5 day power outage from the ice storm last week. I'm really hoping that this new storm coming in doesn't knock out our power for another 5 days!

Wishing you all bright solstice blessings and a warm and joyful yuletide season!...And if you get stuck indoors from the storm, make sure you have plenty of hot cocoa, candles, dark chocolate, and someone (or something) cozy and warm to cuddle up with!


I just recieved this book from amazon in the mail and it's proving to be an interesting compilation of stories and illustrations. A good read methinks for a dismal November day (or eve).
Still feeling quite ecstatic about Obama's victory. Hoping that real CHANGE can come about in this country and better opportunities for us all. I still haven't caught up with my sleep from earlier in the week and I'm dragging tonight but planning on getting some much needed rest and regeneration over the week-end.

Happy Halloween & Samhain Blessings!!